Rumor Has It, I’ll Make it to Monday

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Dr. Obama, with his Right to Medical Care, is coming to our rescue again.  To begin with, the Right To Medical Care” is a pseudo right.  It simply doesn’t exist: nor should it.  However, to champion a cause, that isn’t a cause, has never stopped our “Giver of Change.      

While maintaining platform issues, a 4.7 million dollar contribution places some restraint on his attacking what he would typically refer to as a greedy, profiteering industry. He approaches the matter diplomatically.

“Another, more controversial area we need to look at,” Obama stated, “is how much of our health-care spending is going toward the record-breaking profits earned by the drug and health-care industry. It’s perfectly understandable for a corporation to try and make a profit, but when those profits are soaring higher and higher each year while millions lose their coverage and premiums skyrocket, we have a responsibility to ask why. . .”

To answer his question let’s stroll back to 1997 when federal regulators under the Clinton administration announced they would pay 400 million tax dollars (about 530 + million in today’s currency) to more than 40 hospitals “not to train or educate new doctors”.   Even Forrest Gump knew the “lack of competition” would result in higher prices for his shrimp.  Bottom line, government intervention artificially increased the cost of health care.  It’s not a mystery as to where the record breaking profits came from: government manipulation of the market. 

According to Obama, “the problem can be fixed, at least in large part, by new internet technology and by laying off thousands of health-care office workers”.  So, to pump up the economy our president is suggesting the liquidation of thousands of jobs in the medical industry.

Here is the crux of the matter.  Rights to Medical Care has nothing to do with “rights” and everything to do with control over our lives.  It’s a given, government control over our lives and property increases as unemployment lines increase.   

President Obama has tipped his hand: the goal is not to create jobs or protect the “Rights to Medical Care”, but rather to create government dependency.   Unfortunately, in the eyes of his supporters, this concept is as American as obesity.   Millions of his supporters are actually waiting for him to pay their mortgage, cell phone bills, food costs and entertainment bills.   

The President’s stimulus package is a fraud being served by nothing more than an eloquant speaker.  In his speech he states: “On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises”  but it negates personal responsibility and ushers in an era of serfdom and the ideology of government handouts.

Dr. Obama, I am a contractor by trade.  My business collapsed 16 months ago.   Sans a few daily jobs of pulling weeds, mending a fence or cleaning trash from around a dumpster pad my income has dropped considerably.  On January 19th, my wife had been diagnosed with cancer.  There is need, but I don’t need my neighbor’s tax dollar: give it to your supporters. 

We have been down a few rough roads before without assistance.  Admittedly, it’s an invidious lifestyle.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Besides, rumor has it, I’ll make it to Monday.

Brian Pacatte

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