Pharmacy Search Engine: the Future of Internet Pharmacies

It is undoubtedly true that “health is wealth”. When religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men consider medicine to do magic. And technology ensures that the benefit of medicinal science reaches the healthcare consumers at their ease. Today, healthcare consumers can go online and purchase virtually any type of prescription medication, with or without a valid prescription from their physician. With numerous Internet pharmacies selling medications through their websites, it is at times, quite confusing for consumers to get their prescriptions filled safely and legally. A pharmacy search engine is an ideal solution to such a situation. It provides the freedom and choice to move the prescription to any pharmacy and get the best available price on your drugs.

Internet pharmacies have been the focus of heightened interest in relation to the issues of selling prescription drugs and other products online at the retail level. The Internet pharmacy industry has shifted rapidly in the short time span. This has undoubtedly improved patient’s access to and choice of pharmacy services, but the consumer is entitled to expect the same quality of pharmaceutical care irrespective of whether the service is provided online or face-to-face on the pharmacy premises. A pharmacy search engine assists the healthcare consumers by providing a secure way to access a network of licensed pharmacies and get their prescription medications affordably and safely.

Prescription drugs have always been the key elements in the prevention and treatment of disease and have improved the lives of millions of patients. In the US, prescription drugs represent about 12% of healthcare spending. Prescription drugs can be a costly medical expense, especially for older people and those who are chronically ill. The rising costs of healthcare, and prescription drugs in particular, have focused attention of people towards generic drugs as a clinically acceptable alternative to reduce costs. Many Internet pharmacies offer generic drugs as an alternative to the expensive prescription drugs. Here lies the risk of purchasing medicines over the Internet that a consumer has to identify and understand. Unfortunately not all of these sites are legitimate. Some illegitimate sites do not provide their physical address and often play on the vulnerable by offering “miracle” cures for serious conditions such as cancer or stroke or other life threatening conditions. Legitimate pharmacy Internet sites will always require customers to forward a valid prescription before prescription-only medicines are supplied.

An Internet pharmacy search engine is dedicated solely to create a worldwide network of licensed and legitimate online pharmacies, helping the healthcare consumers to place their order for prescription medicines with confidence. The pharmacies enlisted in a pharmacy search engine are licensed within their country’s jurisdiction and strict approvals of pharmacies are conducted through certification agencies. All a patient needs is to create a secure account and search for the medicine he or she requires. Then choose the pharmacy best suited to the requirements and fax in their prescriptions to that pharmacy. Many pharmacy search engines even keep an electronic patient record to ensure that the patient and their health care provider know what records are on file and what options they have for affordable and safe medications.

Christine Macguire

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