Obama Health Care – Can America Afford It?

In recent months, news reports have been focused heavily on the extreme costs of Obama health care.  Can the nation afford it?  Essentially, the cost will be substantial primarily for government plans, as nearly half of the citizens in the U.S. are covered by these plans.  While it may not impact individuals severely, Obama health care will definitely cost the nation, some estimate to the tune of half a trillion dollars over the course of a 10-year time period.

Ironically, the president touted in the beginning that the new health care law would reduce the cost of health care, bending the cost downward.  Recent reports show that Obama health care will do just the opposite in fact, bending the cost upward.  The report, “The Fiscal Consequences of the Affordable Care Act,” Charles Blahouse predicts that over a 10 year period, federal healthcare spending will increase the deficit tremendously.

Other reports claim that Obama health care will affect most individuals very little, because of the fact that approximately half of the residents in the U.S. are covered by Medicaid, Medicare or through employment with local, state and federal government.  As the nation continues to age, it is thought that a large majority of the population will be protected under a plan that is sponsored by the government in coming years.  More people will have coverage through Medicare, as the retirement population continues to grow.  When it comes to discussing the pros and cons of Obama health care, there never seems to be steady ground that everyone can agree on.

In addition, many students who attend college will be covered through universities and other government-sponsored agencies.  It’s easy to understand why the topic of Obama health care has been and still is such a hotly debated topic.

Many individuals and families are covered through their employers; self-employed individuals typically pay for their own coverage.  Under Obama health care, much of this would remain the same, other than those who are self-employed may be open to additional options, particularly if the idea tossed out by Republicans that the self-employed may buy insurance across state lines is approved.

Jeanne Lambrew, White House health adviser, called Blahous’s analysis “new math” and claimed the Blahous’s statements regarding Obama health care costing billions over a 10 year time period fit the old pattern of mis-characterizations about Obama health care.  Lambrew wrote on the White House blog that official estimates demonstrate that the health care law does reduce the deficit.

While it would seem that businesses and corporations would be glad to pay for health care so that their employees are a strong, healthy workforce, it seems that most would be in a position financially that would force them to provide only minimal coverage.

The fight continues on when it comes to Obama health care, depending on the perspective of whoever is talking about it at the time.  Clearly, Blahous believes that the health care plan will drive the nation into extreme debt, while others believe that the cost will actually decrease.  Many people believe that the main change that will be seen through Obama health care is that some who are not purchasing coverage today will be required to do so, or face a penalty.

Opinions continue to clash on the subject of Obama health care, and to that there seems to be no end.  What is your opinion?  Can America afford the health care plan laid out by President Obama?

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