According to Polls, Obama Health Care is as Unpopular as Ever



Recent polls have demonstrated that Obama health care is no more popular today than it was when his plan was signed into law.  In fact, a poll taken by ABC News and the Washington Post recently proved what we were already fairly certain of:  Obama health care has sunk to new low levels in regards to popularity.


The poll, taken in early April, revealed that the hearings held in March on whether or not health care reform is constitutional had no impact on improving support of Obama health care.  The biggest concern people seem to have with President Obama’s signature domestic legislation is the individual mandate, requiring even those who cannot afford insurance to buy coverage, or be penalized.


Today, only 39% of Americans support Obama health care overall; a full 53% are strongly opposed to it.  Polls have shown that it seems to be younger Americans, those age 18 to 29, who are the biggest supporters of Obama’s health care reform law.  A poll produced by Langer Research Associated for ABC revealed that those who were strongly against Obama health care outnumbered those who strongly support the law by almost 2 to 1.


Many people (about 38%) want the Supreme Court to throw out the entire Obama health care law, while 29% would like to see the mandate requiring most individuals to buy coverage or be penalized taken out.


Not surprisingly, most people believe that politics will play a greater role in what happens with Obama health care in the Supreme court than the law plays. A full 50% of all Americans think that the ruling will be based on politics, with the highest percentage of those being Democrats.  Republicans are the lone political party that believe that the outcome will be based on the law; Independents side fairly evenly with Democrats, leaning toward the opinion that politics will be the persuading factor.


Even while the overwhelming majority of Americans are against Obama health care, most feel that the President can handle the health care policy better than Mitt Romney, who is presumed to be the GOP nominee.  In fact, of those who support the Affordable Care Act, 81% prefer the current President over Mitt Romney.


And outside of Obama health care, more and more Americans are becoming concerned regarding the huge deficit, as Washington goes on about the business of spending money like there was no tomorrow.  Will the health care mandate be upheld, will it fall, will the entire law be struck down?  These are the questions everyone is asking, but when will we have answers regarding whether and how Obama health care will affect our lives?

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