Obama Health Care Backfiring in Many Areas

In the seven months since Obama health care passed, it seems that many declarations that were made regarding health reform have gone awry.  We’ve heard over and over again how Obama health care would mean families would save on premiums, health care costs would be reduced, and so on.  It almost seems that in every instance, details regarding health care have gone in a totally opposite direction from what was promised by the President.

Obama health care, according to the President, would “finally reduce the costs of health care”.  “Families will save on their premiums.”  In the last 30 days or so, media reports have announced that massive rate increases are on the way for many Americans – and much of this is due to Obama health care.  The Wall Street Journal reported in early September that as a direct result of health care reform, health insurers were planning to raise premiums for some Americans.  In recent weeks, it has been reported widely that providers in several states were raising premiums.  These states included Connecticut, New York, Washington and California.

Obama health care seems to be costing Americans more instead of cutting costs; as The Seattle Times so eloquently put it, “Whopping rate increases are coming soon for many people with individual health insurance policies.”  Does this sound as though Obama health care is working in favor of the American people?

The President also declared that families, businesses and the government would see a slowing in the rise of health care costs, but that seems to be a bust as well.  A study by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services revealed that since Americans will be forced to get insurance under Obama health care laws, medical spending in the United States will soar upward.

What’s really sad is the effect of Obama health care on the seniors of our country; the President promised to protect Medicare in the health care bill, and this bill contained over $200 billion cuts  to the Medicare Advantage program alone.  Now, by the end of this year, 22,000 senior citizens in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire will lose their supplemental coverage, forcing them to look for alternative coverage.  Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, who offered supplemental coverage for these citizens, is reported to be dropping the program at years end.  According to the company’s vice president of customer service, Lynn Bowman, cuts in Medicare are being used to fund national health care reform.

Under Obama health care, it was understood that Americans would be able to keep their current health plan if they were pleased with it.  Now, that doesn’t seem to be the case either; recently, the 3M Company has confirmed that health-insurance will eventually not be offered to retirees, and Obama health care is the primary reason for this decision.

All of the bright promises made around Obama health care sounded good, but now it’s becoming painfully clear that those who opposed it from the start – and continue to oppose it – may have been able to see into the future.

Mark South
Obama Health Care

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