Obama Health Care Not Fulfilling Promise of Lowering Premiums For Most Families

Obama health care is still a sore subject among many Americans, particularly those who are experiencing a rise in insurance premiums, which is the exact opposite of what was promised by the President in 2008. During his campaign, the President promised that Obama health care would decrease premiums for a typical family by about $2,500. In 2008, the average premium for an employer-based family plan was approximately $12,680. Now, in 2011, the average family premium is more than $15,000.

These figures were taken from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which is a foundation in support of Obama health care. While it is estimated that the health care law is contributing 2 percentage points at the most to the substantial increase, it is believed that this estimate is “covering up” the true impact on many households across the nation.

Just prior to the first mandates taking effect, insurance providers reported that Obama health care would increase premiums by as much as 30% for some consumers by this year. Following those reports, the Obama administration accused insurance carriers of misinformation – but the truth always seems to have a way of winning out in the long run.

As if this isn’t bad enough, numerous reports reveal that Obama health care news will only continue to get worse, especially in 2014 when waivers expire and the health care law takes full effect. Jonathan Gruber, health economist at MIT predicts that 6 out of 10 consumers in the individual market in Wisconsin will watch premiums increase 31% on average; he also believes that many people will see even larger increases. One of the biggest supporters of Obama health care, will Gruber be accused of spreading misinformation (he was paid as a consultant to Obama’s administration)?

Actuarial consulting firm Milliman, Inc. predicts that in Ohio, premiums will rise by as much as 55% to 85% for some consumers in the individual market. In fact, Milliman projects that premiums may increase by 90% to 130% for young healthy males, and by 150% for small businesses.

One previous provider, Principal Financial Group, responded to Obama health care by dropping completely out of the market to leave almost one million Americans grappling to find new coverage.

Not even bothering to ask whether employers dropped dependent coverage entirely after children up to age 26 were able to enroll in their parent’s coverage plans, the Kaiser Family Foundation failed to mention that Obama health care may have caused thousands of dependent children to lose their coverage.

There are no two ways about it; it doesn’t appear that Obama health care is in any way, shape or fashion lowering premiums for family coverage.

Mark South
Obama Health Care

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