Pros and Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill

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6 Responses to “Pros and Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill”

  1. The Federal Union …
    The Federal Union workers that got early retirement also get full medical coverage, the very good kind.

    100,000 x $10,000 x 40 yrs = $4 Billion debt + interest

    For ave joe and jill your life and benefit is cut short to pay for Federal Union Workers getting early retirement!

    Obamaspeak is only for Federal Union and Federal Pensioners, not normal tax payers. Normal tax payers are bottom of pyramid of ponsi scam!

  2. Congress is …
    Congress is discussing increasing the minimum age for people collecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from 70-72 yrs to 78-80 yrs. For the average Joe and Jill the requirement to get benefits just got pushed out another 8 yrs.

    What is Dem Congress and Obama do for Union Federal Workers? The Federal Union workers were offered early retirement at 55 yrs from 65 yrs. So they get to work for 20 yrs and collect 40 yrs benefits.

    100,000 x $50K x 40 yrs = $200 Billion Debt + Interest.

  3. Poor Republicans. …
    Poor Republicans. They hate a black man in the White House, they hate a Latina on the Supreme Court, they hate that by 2012 non-white (Hispanic) births will be the majority in the US…”they want their country back…” Ain’t gonna happen. Ever again. Learn to speak Spanish! Eat tacos–be happy!!!

  4. To all you young …
    To all you young people already scrambling to start careers during a recession, find a career job, how you like paying more due to Obama so older people (I, ME, MY) can get cheaper HC coverage and have more beer money? Thank you Obama, I love this Hope & Change as long? as your is paying for me. That means a 17% increase on YOUR premiums and $500 less a year in your pocket and it olny goes up, haha. I will be livin’ la vida loca while your is working so I can live the life.

  5. Imagine if …
    Imagine if Americans could say their healthcare was FREE!! would they want to give that up?

    In Europe unlike Canada you can buy health insurance and like the wealthy do see a private doctor ~ but most take pride that the health system is FREE at the point of use ~ even if they have money!

    If there is a problem with the public healthcare service ~ this can for the most part be overcome by going private!

    Also Germany’s health service is popular with leaders from the Arab world and Africa!

  6. One of the Dems …
    One of the Dems arguments is that everyone pays at least $1000 ex for the poor who go to the ER instead of the doctor

    Removing this might lower costs

    And also the preventive care aspect of the bill ~ is what the socialised care does much better than the for profit insurance

    Under the socialised system ~ you are kind of martialed in for screenings – this prevents more costly treatments later & ITS FREE!

    To behave like real healthcare providers insurance Co. should adopt more early screenings