Is Your Hr Department Ready for the Busy Season?

For many perennial businesses, managing the administration of seasonal employees is a problem for when it comes to staffing-up for peak business. Managers are often hit hard with the extra tasks involved hiring and screening new employees. Even if you are lucky enough to have an HR department, running a business with seasonal hires gets tricky when it comes to payroll and benefits administration.

This year, not only are you faced with the extra work involved with seasonal hires, but there may be some significant changes with the Obama administration that will affect payroll departments across the country. According to, here are just a few that if enacted into a law would have a big impact on businesses’ payroll departments.

? Increase the minimum wage

? Making Work Pay tax cut

? Tax cut for seniors

? Earned Income Tax Credit expansion

? Family and Medical Leave Act expansion

? Extend paid sick time benefits

? Encourage states to adopt paid leave

? Small Business Health Tax Credit

? Coverage of catastrophic health costs

? American Jobs Tax Credit

? Penalty-free hardship withdrawals from IRAs and 401(k) plans

? Retirement savings incentives

? Increase immigration quotas

? Remove incentives to enter the U.S. illegally

These proposed tax changes will affect you as an employer, your automated payroll systems, and your employees’ paychecks.

If your busy season is just around the corner, you should start thinking about how you can efficiently manage your employee screening, hiring, payroll, and benefits administration efficiently for a smooth transition. Like many other budget-conscious businesses in Atlanta, you need to handle the seasonal hires quickly, correctly, and hopefully avoid the expense of employing additional HR staff. It’s important to advise a payroll professional to make sure that your company is maximizing benefits to taxpayers while minimizing costs to you.

April lentini

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2 Responses to “Is Your Hr Department Ready for the Busy Season?”

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    I’m currently applying in their offer . Should I continue with this application? Please help me.

    here is their first email

    Toronto Marriott Hotel No – 901 Dixon Road Toronto, Ontario M9W 1J5
    We are a five star, deluxe full-service property conveniently located just two minutes from Pearson International Airport and close to all major highways connecting the Greater Toronto Area. We have been in operation since 1986 and have undergone many exciting changes since then including multi-million dollar renovations to all our 424 guestrooms, lobby area and food & beverage outlets. We also have a total of 12 function rooms with 12,500 square feet of flexible meeting and banquet space as well as three restaurants, a lobby bar and room service.
    Employment Opportunities;
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    3rd email

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  2. I work as a Hotel Supervisor in Las Vegas, NV. We would NEVER EVER EVER ask for this information via email. Absolutely do not do this. Ask for their corporate number then verify that number through a telephone search or even 4-1-1.

    P.S. – If this was posted on something similar to Craig’s List be very carefully this stuff happens all the time.

    Also, you may want to search the Canaian_Immigration_Bureau… look it up. Don’t feel bad calling for verification =)

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