Obama Free Health Care May Be Available For Those Who Meet Certain Requirements

Obama Free Health Care is not something that is available to everyone, and in fact very few are eligible for.  Some United States citizens and lawful immigrants may be entitled to free health insurance, but only under certain circumstances.  A few of the requirements that may allow you to get health insurance at no cost include:

*  Low income
*  Age group you fall in
*  Certain medical conditions

There are programs in some states that provide Obama Free Health Care for children, when a parent or parents cannot provide coverage for the entire family.  Elderly people often depend on government-subsidized coverage such as Medicaid and Medicare, and those who are disabled often qualify for full Medicaid coverage.

If you are in the market for free health insurance, it’s doubtful that you will qualify for any type of coverage that comes at absolutely no cost.  You are better off looking for affordable health insurance, and can find many providers who offer the coverage you need at substantially lower rates than other providers.  In doing your research, always read all of the fine print; if you talk to an agent, ask any and all question you have so that you know exactly what you are getting.

While it may not actually be considered “Obama Free Health Care,” some states offer benefits such as maternity benefits through Medicaid for pregnant women.  Non-citizens and immigrants may qualify through the Alien Emergency Medical Program if they have a medical condition that is an emergency.  Adults and families may qualify for coverage through Medicaid based on certain qualifications which are often difficult to meet.  The best thing you can do is go online to research the qualifications or call your local Department of Human Services office.

Other than the nearly impossible task of finding free health insurance, there are many organizations that offer quality medical care free of charge.  Some of the programs you may consider include:

Medicaid and Medicare, which you want to apply for if:

*  You believe you are pregnant and have no insurance

*  You are a parent or guardian with a child 18 years or younger

*  You are a senior citizen

*  You are disabled or blind

*  You are leaving welfare and need health coverage

Most states offer free health coverage programs for children of families who are low income, and some even offer free health coverage for those who have AIDS.  There are also special programs that help eligible senior citizens and those who are disabled afford the cost of any prescription medications they may be taking.

Something else you may want to consider when in search of Obama Free Health Care are companies who help you find the coverage you need at the most affordable price.  You might call this “health care coverage counseling,” as these companies help you understand what rights you have and your coverage options.  They will help you find health care you can afford, and evaluate various insurance plans so that you know which are best for your individual needs.

Whether you can find free health insurance depends largely on the state you live in, and the programs available in your area for special needs. Generally speaking, unless you fall in a category that is outside of the norm you are better off spending your time looking for cheap, affordable or low-cost health insurance.  As with most other things in life, nothing is free (most of the time) – especially health insurance.


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