Creating New Jobs During The Recession

While rising unemployment continues to concern many, the impetus for creating new jobs during the recession remains strong. In an economic climate that seems to threaten the very existence of the United States as people know it, President Obama is determined to turn it around as he stimulates the creation of thousands of jobs across the country.

In particular, President Obama is interested in generating new jobs within the infrastructure sector. From public utilities to roads and highways, new jobs are on the horizon despite the recession. On July 2, 2009, President Obama announced his hopes for a unique opportunity for employment for the American people in the field of energy.

Alternative Energy Employment Opportunities

This strong interest in alternative energy solutions is predicted to create new employment opportunities. In particular, the implementation of a smart grid designed for use with a variety of new and old energy sources, the implementation of new energy production, and the distribution of this energy are predicted to create millions of jobs in the near future. The creation of newly designed power plants should also generate multiple employment opportunities for Americans as the path is paved for alternative methods of bringing electrical power to homes and businesses.

Teaching and Healthcare Employment Opportunities

According to Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney, the stimulus package is designed in part to create new jobs in the fields of education and healthcare, fields that are normally filled with women. Traditionally, these two fields are also recession resistant. Moreover, as unemployed individuals head to college to retrain for new job opportunities, the need for teachers continues to remain strong. The healthcare industry will continue to expand and produce more opportunities for those looking for work.

“Shovel-Ready” Employment Opportunities

A number of “shovel-ready” projects should be able to get under way within each of the fifty states as stimulus money becomes available. Highways and bridges are in need of improvement. The fact that these projects are in the making should produce work for quite a number of people.

Auto Industry Employment Opportunities

New legislation moving through the ranks is about to create new opportunities for the auto industry sector. This bill would provide monetary incentives or vouchers for automobile owners to trade in their older model vehicle for a newer one. Of course, there are a few stipulations as to the type of vehicle that could be purchased with the vouchers, a limited timeframe, and specifications related to the vehicle being turned in. Moreover, in addition to creating new employment opportunities, this legislation is also aimed at creating a greener America.

Creating New Jobs

While the goal is create new jobs during the recession for those who are currently unemployed, the truth of the matter is that some of these employment opportunities will be scooped up by those workers who are displaced by changes within the energy sector. Nonetheless, the goal is to create enough jobs for those who need them, no matter what their current employment situation is.

Joseph Shalaby

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10 Responses to “Creating New Jobs During The Recession”

  1. Whats the best thing the Federal Government can do to create job growth during a recession?
    Tax cuts, increased Federal spending, or a combination of both?

    Bush lowered taxes on all Americans, and unemployment dropped to 4.5%.

    Its still too early to judge Obama’s mega Federal Spend, but I don’t see 4.5% unemployment occurring a year from now.

    Before you Liberals discount the recession Bush inherited, please remember that it was a result of the Technology Industries collapse during 2000. I beleive you guys called it at the time "the worst economy since the depression".

    The NASDAQ alone fell > than 50% before Bush took office.

  2. Shovel Ready Says:

    Cut taxes permanently across the board and then get out of the way.
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  3. Cut taxes. The government may also have to temporarily increase spending but the best thing they can do is cut taxes..
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  4. timetravler Says:

    What Obama really needs to do is to actually LISTEN to what some conservatives say and then do it. Obama said he is "open for suggestions", but does that include conservative suggestions? I think not!
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  5. quasar dave Says:

    Make tax credits for companies!!!
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  6. extremeAmerican Says:

    They should leave us alone and stick with the business of protecting us.
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  7. Both tax cuts and stopping federal spending is needed.
    They can also just get out of the way and let the free market do the job creation.

    Unemployment did go down for November, but this is the time of year where companies have finished their fiscal year and generally don’t lay off a lot of people during this time. January will be another test to see how the job rate is doing.
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  8. Increasing federal spending only aggravates a recession. it would be one thing to spend money we have. I say we because the feds dont have money, its our money. but they are spending money we dont have and just print more.
    Its people spending money that helps the economy but when things look bad, there is high unemployment and the markets are unstable people tend to hold on to their money.

    Tax cuts would give companies disposable income to hire more people, who would in turn pay taxes and spend more money. thats how it works.

    And yea the book cooking (enron, global crossing, mci worldcom and others ) that started in about 96 or 97 was what caused economic troubles in 2000. Todays problems are worse and all the stimulus spending isnt stimulating much.
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  9. Cut Taxes for Business owners.
    Start up new R&D programs.
    Get government the hell out of the mix.

    Let the free market deal with the criminal banks and losers like AIG,

    then watch things positive start to happen.
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  10. tony_s1944 Says:

    From what I’ve learned from the experts(and I use that word loosely;-) this recession is rather unique.
    Consumer spending has been the driving engine in all other recoveries. Yet consumer spending is what got us into the horrible mess(not to give the financial institutions a free pass as they made credit all too easy).
    I think REAL economic recovery will be a very slow thing. Hopefully the consumer will come back but slowly. Except for bailing out the financial institutions to prevent a real economic collapse the government is doing the wrong thing by freely printing more money. Because if the economy should come back in the "normal fashion" the excess money will lead to inflation, maybe super-inflation.
    We’re all in a super mess. I think we have to bite the bullet, accept the near pain, and allow the economy to recover on its own.
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