Obama Health Care – A Battle the President Refuses to Engage in Again

Recently in his State of the Union address, President Obama let it be known that while he was open to changes in Obama health care, he is not willing to refight the entire battle over again to get it passed.

Republicans want to replace or repeal Obama health care, along with a good portion of U.S. citizens.  According to the president, a huge chunk of the budget deficit problem in the United States is related to government run Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs, and the changes made with the health care laws will help rein in the price of these programs.

The president attended a meeting of Families USA recently in which he told the group that Medicare and Medicaid are the biggest contributors to the long-term deficit.  He holds the opinion that health reform is part of the bigger picture of reducing the huge deficit in this country.  Obama health care will help to slow the costs of government-run insurance programs according to the president.

Republicans voted this month to repeal Obama health care, but the effort won’t likely go far.  After winning the majority of seats in the U.S.  House of Representatives last fall, Republicans staunchly vowed to overthrow health care reform; however, the Senate is still controlled by the Democrats and they will not support the repeal of Obama health care.

The president defended his health care reform law in the State of the Union address, reiterating how new requirements will make it possible for patients who are sick to have the health care they need, since insurance companies can not deny coverage.

While Republicans continue to fight Obama health care, it looks like they will be in for a tough battle – and one the president refuses to get involved in.  While he will consider positive changes to health care reform, he will not repeat the two year battle.  Meanwhile, Republicans vow to replace Obama health care over time in order to bring down skyrocketing costs by implementing some of their own measures.

Mark South
Obama Health Care

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