Obama Health Care: The Confusion Continues

It’s no wonder that in recent weeks, more and more people have become totally confused when it comes to Obama health care.  Today, recent polls have revealed that when it comes to Obama health care, about half of Americans are not sure whether the health care reform law has been repealed or is still active.

Headlines in the news recently are responsible for most of the confusion.  In the past month, several judges have struck down Obama health care while others have upheld it.  Republicans voted successfully to repeal the law in the House recently, but this repeal failed when it reached the senate.  Also recently the House Republicans defunded a portion of the law in their continuing efforts to repeal Obama health care, but this hasn’t yet been addressed by the Senate.

According to Drew Altman, president and CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation, most of the confusion as to whether Obama health care is in or out is due to media headlines, busy lives and in some instances, hope or “wishful thinking” that the health care reform law has been repealed.  Ironically, it’s Republicans that tend to think that the law has been repealed.  In a recent poll, 30% of Republicans polled thought Obama health care had been repealed while only 12% of Democrats had this belief.

Recent polls indicate that support and opposition to the health care reform law has stayed about the same in all age groups with the exception of seniors, who are now more in favor than ever before of repealing Obama health care.  In fact, 59% of those seniors who participated in the poll have an unfavorable view of the law, which is a record high since the health care bill passed.

Overall, opinions about health care reform aren’t too far apart. .  Amidst all of the confusion about whether the health care law is still in effect or not, it seems that Americans don’t really know what steps they would like to see taken next.  About 30% want the law expanded while 40% want it repealed and replaced.  20% of those polled are happy with Obama health care and want it left as is.

Kaiser Health News also reported that part of the reason it seems so many people are confused about health care reform and what is going on is because they are paying more attention to others areas in the political arena including the federal deficit and the economy.  While it may seem that Obama health care has fallen out of the limelight in recent weeks, it’s a fairly sure bet that we will hear more in coming months.

Mark South
Obama Health Care

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