Obama Health Care – According to Reports, 56% Favor Repeal of the National Health Care Bill

Obama health care still doesn’t seem to be going over well with the majority of Americans; in fact, a recent report shows that 56% of U.S. voters favor revoking the national health care bill.  A recent telephone survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that 40% of people are not in favor of repealing Obama health care, so there still are some that appear to be satisfied with the plan at least for the time being.

Of those polled on their views concerning Obama health care, it appears that there was no difference in the opinions of those individuals who are covered by health insurance and those who are not.  Of the 56% who favor repeal of the bill, 46% feel strongly that the health care bill should be repealed.  Around mid-August, 60% of people felt that Obama health care should be repealed, and 33% of those in favor of repealing felt that doing so would create more jobs.  Overall, opinions haven’t changed greatly since the health care reform bill was passed by Congress in March.  Since that time, the number of people polled feeling that the law should be repealed has remained between 52% and 63%.

Since Obama health care passed, opposition to the health care law remains strong; only about 36% of voters feel that the plan will actually be beneficial for the country.  That number has varied from between 32% and 42% since the bill passed.

The majority of people included in the poll who do have health insurance feel that their coverage is satisfactory and even excellent, but wonder if Obama health care will result in them being forced to change their coverage.  Of the 81% who feel their coverage is good, 42% believe it is likely that health care reform will eventually result in them changing their insurance.  Voters who are neither Republican nor Democrat along with those who are Republicans feel strongly that Obama health care is detrimental to the well-being of the country, while Democrats tend to lean in the opposite direction, feeling that the health care law is a positive move for America.

While it has been about 5 months since Obama health care passed and was signed in to law, it seems that many people still feel uncertain about the effect it will have on the country.  Regardless of whether voters feel that the law should be repealed, over 1/2 of voters in the United States feel that the requirement that every American must buy or get health insurance coverage is unfair.

Mark South
Obama Health Care

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