Obama Health Care Violates Freedom of Religion According to Nevada Lawyer

Joel Hansen, candidate for Nevada Independent American Party attorney general, stated that when you are forced to purchase a product he believes it is involuntary servitude.  The statements were made in a lawsuit challenging Obama health care; Hansen feels that the new health care laws impose a form of slavery on the nation.

According to Hansen, Obama health care violates the 1st Amendment which is freedom of religion.  He believes that socialism is a form of religion, and that the Obama administration is imposing this so-called “religion” on all citizens whether they want it or not.

The lawsuit was filed by Hansen in the first days of September, and Hansen claims that the suit is the most comprehensive filed against the health care law so far.  Prior to this suit, the state of Virginia has filed suit regarding Obama health care, and a joint suit has been filed by several other states.  Hansen claims that while those lawsuits focus for the most part on the 10th amendment, his suit takes things much further.  For example, this suit alleges that the First, Third through Fifth, Ninth, Tenth and Thirteenth amendments are violated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Two of these amendments regard the quartering of soldiers and slavery, which may seem odd to those reading this.  What does Obama health care have to do with these two issues?  Hansen believes that the new health care law is equivalent to “Peonage” which is the coercing of an individual to work off a debt by threat of legal sanction.

Hansen has been a lawyer for 32 years, and is a Brigham Young University alum.  He states that Obama health care violates First Amendment rights because many people are pro-life and the new health care laws will force them to pay a portion of the costs for abortions.  Many religions are strictly against abortion, and being forced to participate in contributing to abortions is a violation of religious freedom.

While Hansen is vehemently against Obama health care, his sister edits a newsletter in Nevada in which she regularly warns people of the state the world is in, and even recommends readers both in the media and online to refer first to their Bible and then begin stocking up on canned goods.

Legal challenges against Obama health care will be “vigorously defended” by the Justice Department according to a statement issued in March.

Mark South
Obama Health Care

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